From the Editor-in-ChiefTransforming Training

From the Editor-in-Chief
Cynthia Robinson

From the Guest Editor

Making the Case for Transforming Training
Jennifer M. DePrizio


Gallery Educators as Adult Learners: The Active Application of Adult Learning Theory
Kimberly H. McCray

Cultivating Shared Leadership with Docents and Staff
Rachel Stark

Standardizing Interpretive Training To Create a More Meaningful Visitor Experience
Robert Carr

Improvising Your Teaching Skills
Jen Oleniczak

As Conversations Unravel: A Reflection On Learning To Teach Adult Audiences Using Experience From School, Teacher, and Family Programs
Kabir Singh

Tools, Frameworks and Case Studies

Is There a Doctor in the House? Students Explore Home, History, and the Evolution of Medicine
Lauren Kaushansky, Deborah Boudreau, and Carla Keirns

Accommodating Blind Learners Helps All Learners
Mary Ann Wojton, Joe Heimlich, and Natalie Shaheen

Bioregional Community Dialogue: The Worldviews Network Toolkit for Educators

Jessica Sickler and Donnelley Hayde