Museums and the Aging Revolution

Volume 26, Number 1, Winter 2001

Guest Editor: Gretchen Jennings

From the Editor

Gretchen Jennings

Museums and Aging: Reflections on the Aging Visitor, Volunteer, and Employee

Nina M. Silverstein with personal narratives by Conrad Garcia and Abraham L. Landis

Abstract: A gerontologist reflection on implications that societal aging may have for the museum field.

Older Adults at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Eleanor Rubin

Abstract: Provides concrete examples of the way in which one museum has worked to address the needs of older visitors, volunteers, and employees.

Presenting Information to Older Adults

Roger W. Morrell and Katharina V. Echt

Abstract: Discussion of age-related changes in vision and cognition and present guidelines in how they might be mediated in the design of exhibitions and of websites text and graphics.

Exhibition Accessibility and the Senior Visitor

Christine Reich and Minda Borun

Abstract: An assessment study on a traveling exhibition called Secrets of Aging, which targeted seniors as potential audience along with the traditional science center audience of families and school groups.

Listening to Voices of Experience: A National Study of Adult Museum Programs

Bonnie Sachatello-Sawyer and Robert Fellenz

Abstract: Results of a qualitative research in Adult Museum Programs.

The Museum Experience: One Mature Visitor’s Perspective

Marjorie K. Sheen

Abstract: Harnessing values, respect, and consideration for the mature museum visitor is accorded.

From the Editor-in-Chief

Wendy Pollock