A great benefit of MER membership is having access to the JME in PDF format.  Every article, from every issue published since 2006 is available for download from our co-publisher Left Coast Press’s website .

As a current member, you have FREE online access to the Journal – including back issues. A couple of steps need to be taken in order to get this access:

1. You need to register with Left Coast Press on their website.


2. When you register, you will get a Meta Press ID (MetaPress is the 3rd party vendor who provides electronic access.)

3. You need to email this Meta Press ID to [email protected] in order to activate your account.

4. Once your account is activated, then you should be able to access to the Journal online. http://www.lcoastpress.com/journal.php?id=3

Archived articles of all past JME’s can now be found in the online library database, JSTOR!  If you are a grad student, faculty member, or any other individual with access to library databases you can look up the JME online for free!