From the Guest Editor
Ben Garcia

Defining Public Value

Being of Value: Intentionally Fostering and Documenting Public Value, Lynn Dierking

Raising the Bar: Aiming for Public Value, Mary Ellen Munley

Museums, the Public and Public Value, Carol Scott

Public Value in Practice

The Value of Risk: Noah’s Ark at the Skirball, Sheri Bernstein and Marni Gittleman

Sanctified Places, Cynthia Harnish

Making History Personal: Public Discourse, Complexity and Community, Deborah Schwartz

The National Museum of Mexican Art: A New Model for Museums, Nancy Villafranca-Guzman and Carlos Tortolero

Honoring the Personal Response: A Strategy for Serving the Public Hunger for Connection, Ray Williams


Museums, Educators and Social Action, Peter Sellars

Book Reviews

The Social Work of Museums, reviewed by Ted Lind

Beyond the Turnstile: Making the Case for Museums and Sustainable Values, reviewed by Susana Bautista

From the Interim Editor in Chief, Tina R. Nolan