Mission, Money, and Authority, Part One

From the Co-Editors-in-Chief Cynthia Robinson and Tina R. Nolan

  1. Museums and Other Nonprofits in the Current Recession: A Story of Resilience, Innovation, and Survival Stephanie Lessans Geller and Lester M. Salamon
  2. Wagging the Dog: Managing Museum Priorities in a Difficult Economy James M. Bradburne
  3. Education: A Perfect Partner for Project-based Fundraising Carol Scott
  4. The Educational and Economic Value of Online Learning for Museums Will Crow and Herminia Din
  5. Seeing Potential, Pushing Possibilities: Thinking Creatively About Revenue Opportunities Betsy Bowers and Rebecca Fulcher


  1. Assessment and Planning Using Portfolio Analysis Laura B. Roberts
  2. Stakeholder Analysis for Educators: Obtaining Support and Reducing Obstacles David Ebitz
  3. No Mission, No Money: No Money, No Mission John W. Durel

Case Study
Making Programs Self-Sustaining at a Small Historic House Museum Shirley Brown Alleyne