Readers will notice significant changes to the Journal of Museum Education (JME) starting in 2012. Based upon feedback from colleagues, guest editors, MER Board members and other stakeholders, as well as survey data received from the Museum Education Roundtable 2011 Publication Survey Report, the format of the JME will be changed to reflect the following:

Guest editors will edit a themed section of the JME. Those interested in submitting a proposal to guest edit a section of the JME must follow the guidelines already established (see below for guidelines), however the number of articles in a guest edited section has changed to 4-6, plus an introduction by the guest editor. Each JME issue will feature the guest edited themed section on the cover of the JME as well as in the Introduction from the Co-Editors-in-Chief.

Museum practitioners and theorists are now invited to submit single articles for publication. Each issue will have recurring sections edited by the co-editors-in-chief via solicitation of single manuscripts.

Want to know more? Please download theNew Guidelines for Submission as well as the Formatting Guidelines.

Read the results of the Summary of MER Publications Survey which guided these changes.