Spring 2011

Vol. 36, no. 1
Beyond Teachers Relevance and Value in Professional Development Programs in Museums
Guest Editor’s Introduction Noticing a Trend Sarah E. Alvarez

Section One: Setting the Scene

  1. From Free to Fee Twenty Years of Science on the Go! Josie Elbert and Rafael Rosa
  2. The Arab American National Museum Cultural Competency Training in Post-9/11 America Janice Ann Freij
  3. Beyond Borders Zoo as Training Location for Wildlife Biologists Leah M. Melber, Rachel Bergren, and Rachel Santymire

Section Two: Practice and Pedagogy

  1. Inspiring Leaders Unique Museum Programs Reinforce Professional Responsibility Jennifer Ciardelli and JoAnna Wasserman
  2. A Beautiful Friendship Art Museums and Medical Schools Sarah E. Alvarez

    CASE STUDY Art Museums as Places of Learning and Reflection for the Medical Field Linda Duke, Michelle Grohe, Alexa Miller, and Ray Williams
    CASE STUDY Learning to Look Does Viewing Art in a Museum Help Medical Students Become More Observant? Alvin Telser
    CASE STUDY Art Viewing and Medical Education Developing a Vision Nancy Richner
    American Business Meets American Gothic Professional Development in the Art Museum Brendan Sullivan and Annie Morse

    Section Three: Does it Stick?

    1. The Art of Perception Museums Breaking Ground in Law Enforcement Training Amy E. Herman
    2. Corporate Training in Museums Adera Causey
    3. Into the Future Adult Professional Groups and the 21st Century Museum Cynthia Robinson

    From the Editors Two Important Announcements Tina R. Nolan and Cynthia Robinson
    A Dedication to the Late David Ebitz Jill Overlie