In an attempt to provide a communication network for museum education groups around the world, the Museum Education Roundtable put out a query through various museum list-servs in August 2007 seeking to learn the identities and activities of regional MERs. The Regional MERs Project, in supporting MER’s mission to “promote the role of museums and other cultural institutions as primary resources for life long learning,” is
tracking current interests and concerns of museum educators at the grass roots level. The response to the query was tremendous, thanks to those who assisted in disseminating the survey, including Chris Castle, editor of Museum Education Monitor. We made contact with more than 50 regional MERs: 60% were from within the United States, 20% from England, 7% from Australia, 9% from Canada, and 4% from Scotland.

MER asks museum educators to let us know if they are a part of a group of museum educators (formal or informal) that meets to discuss museum practice, education practice, and/or theoretical concerns facing museum educators. If you are a member of a museum education roundtable or similar organization or know of one, could you share with us the region/city/town the group meets in; approximately how many folks are members; and the respondent’s contact information (name, email, and museum/cultural institution/nature center/park affiliation)? Please respond to Julia Rose, [email protected] with the description of your museum education organization.