JME 41.4 Cover

From the Editor-in-Chief

From the Editor-in-Chief
Cynthia Robinson

From the Guest Editors

Museums and Universities: Partnerships with Lasting Impact
Beth Maloney and Matt D. Hill

The Practicum Course Model: Embracing the Museum–University Culture Clash
Jennifer P. Kingsley

Bringing Town and Gown Together: Using Local History to Engage Students and Create Collaborative Partnerships
Elyssa Ford

A University–Museum Partnership for Creative Internships in Cultural Technology
Lauren Addario & Miriam Langer

Museum–University Partnerships Transform Teenagers’ Futures
Sarah W. Rose

Museum–University Partnerships as a New Platform for Public Engagement with Scientific Research
Jamie Bell, David Chesebrough, Jason Cryan & Emlyn Koster

Museum/University Ecology: An Earth Day Example from a Children’s Museum
Sara Clarke-Vivier & Jane Bard

The Research Communication Continuum: Linking Public Engagement Skills to the Advancement of Cross-disciplinary Research
Carol Lynn Alpert

Reflections on Museums as Effective Field Sites for Teacher Candidates
Megan Clark, David Ensminger, Colleen Incandela & Heidi Moisan

What the Research Says

Museums as Contexts for Transformative Experiences and Identity Development
Joanna K. Garner, Avi Kaplan & Kevin Pugh

Tools, Frameworks and Case Studies

Museum Footnotes: Helping Student Visitors Understand Museums
Alan S. Marcus & Jennifer S. Kowitt